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This is Not legal advice: Dating after divorce

On today’s show Leigh Daniel, Advocate of Positive Change is joined by cohost Allison Reiner and Josie May.
They will be discussing the world of dating after divorce. The do’s, the don’ts, and the maybes.
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Gray Divorce

On today’s “This Is NOT Legal Advice”, Leigh Daniel, Advocate of Positive Change and Allison Reiner ( are joined by Jo Blackwell ( on the topic of Gray Divorce.
Why are people waiting longer to split up and what happens as we divorce later in life.

Emotional Aspects of Separation

Caroline Strawson is a Divorce and Breakup Coach, empowering men and women through positive psychology coaching techniques she has learned through experience and personal hindsight.

She helps people adapt a positive mindset using positive psychology to enable men and women to come out the other side happier, flourishing, and thriving. She is there to help people not just bounce back, but bounce forward and move them from breakup to personal breakthrough. Caroline offers courses, group sessions and one-to-one coaching specifically for each individuals needs. You can visit her at Caroline Strawson: Divorce Became My Superpower.

Be Open to Love Again

Josie May is a qualified Love and Dating Coach who supports women to attract the relationship they desire and deserve.

Josie teaches women how to transform their love life and attract the kind of relationship they desire by working on four important areas: 1. Self-Love, 2. Dissolving limiting blocks, 3. Law of Attraction, and 4. Smart Dating. Josie has found her calling in Love Coaching and has discovered true fulfilment in helping others experience true love. Visit Josie at Step Up to Love.

Narcissistic Relationships

Susan Ball is the founder & CEO of Broken to Blissful™. She is an author and sought after international speaker, sharing her message of building joy on the journey from victim to survivor to thriver.

Susan inspires women to recognize their worth, pursue their purpose, find healing from the past, and live free from toxic love. Whether a woman is in need of support following a divorce or toxic relationship or recovering from an abusive relationship, Susan welcomes everyone and works with them using the tools and concepts from her ground-breaking book: Courage and Grace, From Broken to Blissful, and The Journey of Building Joy During Your Recovery From Abuse. Visit Susan’s website.

Emotional Safety During Divorce

Jennifer Sutton, M.B.A., is a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, Founder of the Happy Landings program of the SAFELYou Series, and Shoshin Ryu martial arts teacher whose mission is to help people move from fear to peace then to joy (and even to adventure!).

She coaches individuals and groups using EFT tapping and brain training to release physical and emotional pain and self-judgement allowing them to find and move from their own center, their own power. Using laughter as a tool for healing and growth, she educates, empowers, and supports individuals by encouraging them to step into their authentic selves and find their true joy! Visit Jennifer at “What If Wellness.”